Slechts helft marketeers meet retentie

21 augustus 2003, 05:03

Uit een recente studie van WebTrends (NetIQ) blijkt dat slechts 48% van de marketeers de retentie van klanten meet terwijl het toch algemeen bekend is dat het eenvoudiger is om bestaande klanten te behouden dan nieuwe klanten te werven.

WebTrends partnered with independent customer analysis consultant Jim Novo to conduct a study on customer retention. The finding are presented here. Some highlights:

52% are not currently measuring retention

28% are looking at repeat visit and purchase rates

16% are segmenting customers based on retention-specific metrics

3% are doing detailed cross-channel marketing analysis

23% count leveraging paid search campaigns as a significant part of their marketing mix while 23% do nothing at all

31% do not measure the results of their search engine marketing campaigns

41% measure track click-through & general traffic

16% measure web activity through to conversion

11% complete a detailed ROI analysis including lifetime value, revenue by phase

There’s also a white paper here on how marketers can measure and improve customer retention.

With the common knowledge that keeping an existing customer is easier and much less expensive than gaining new ones, it’s surprising that more marketers don’t make customer retention a higher marketing priority.


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