Singles Web Behavior Differs from that of Married Surfers

14 november 2003, 08:00

Nielsen//NetRatings reports that married Web surfers were found to make more online purchases than single surfers. Additionally, according to a recent Nielsen//NetRatings @Plan Fall 2003 report, while married surfers spend much of their online time visiting family-oriented sites and activities, single surfers seek to benefit from the social convenience of the Internet.

Married surfers took the lead in e-commerce activities – ten percent more married surfers made an online purchase than was expected as compared to the overall average. More than 52 percent of married surfers made an online purchase during the period as compared to 47 percent of singles making an online purchase.

Purchases also mirrored the varied interests of single and married surfers. Top items purchased within the last six months by married surfers were related to home life, such as garden supplies and educational software. For single surfers, online purchases concentrated on entertainment and financial services.


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