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5 januari 2006, 14:34



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Voorspellingen 24/7 voor 2006:

Performance-based pricing models will demonstrate the true value of search engine marketing (SEM) as a lead generation channel

The majority of the market has left traffic arbitrage behind, and search engine marketing is more credible for it. “Value” arbitrage, however, has yet to be fully exploited to any significant extent. With the ability of sophisticated SEM tools to understand both the market price for inventory and the true value of that inventory to the advertiser, coupled with margin pressures on “managed services,” 24/7 Search experts anticipate that SEM firms and agencies will more willingly embrace and participate in performance-based pricing models. This will transfer some of the performance risk to the operators, who must use their experience and tools to deliver the value they have long promised, and who will share in the return generated.

For the skilled SEM firm and tool developer, this will drive higher returns and closer client relationships, while maintaining transparency of the medium. For the savvy marketer, particularly in acquisition-based industries, this will transform the view of search from an advertising medium to a lead generation channel.

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