Online Content: Wat consumenten willen

5 mei 2003, 10:11

PaymentOne recently surveyed US consumers about purchasing online content and over one-half said they would need online payments to be more secure for them to buy content. Over 50% also cited classifieds as the type of content they would be interested in buying.

According to a PaymentOne survey of US consumers and online content providers, over one-half of consumers say they would buy online content if more secure online payments could be guaranteed. When it comes to the future of the online content business, the PaymentOne survey indicates that the actual content is not necessarily the issue—only 19% cite improved content as a factor that would persuade them to buy online content and a mere 18% say affordable content would convince them to buy online.

PaymentOne commissioned Javelin Strategy & Research to help with the survey of 1,038 consumers and discussions with 31 content executives. When determining what kind of content consumers would be interested in purchasing online, PaymentOne found that over 50% would like to buy online classifieds, while 11% would like to buy music online and 5% would like to buy games.


Bron: Emarketer 5 mei 2003


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