Nieuwe vorm van ad-targetting selecteert op gedrag

29 maart 2004, 18:53

In een persbericht van Chitika Inc. meldt het bedrijf te komen met een nieuwe vorm van contextual advertising waarbij selectie zowel op basis van content als op basis van gedrag is.

Chitika, Inc., a leading developer of on-demand contextual targeting services, announces the release of RealContext(SM), a real-time, scalable, content and behavior-based ad-targeting service. RealContext combines the strengths of both content and audiences’ interests to deliver highly targeted ads.

Unlike Google?s AdSense, RealContext’s innovative matching engine includes a feedback loop that actively monitors audiences’ behavior. In real-time, it adapts to the likes and dislikes of consumers to display content relevant ads that are also targeted to match their interests.

Chitika website


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