More Net users, more shoppers

27 november 2002, 09:01

According to Nielsen-Netratings, more than 560 million people worldwide had Internet access from home at the end of the third quarter.

The data indicates that around 10 million additional households went online from June to September to bring the total number of home Internet users to 563 million.

According to the research firm, the US continues to have the largest Internet population, with 30 percent of the global audience attributed to that one market. Around 167.1 million American households are online in total.

Europe accounts for 23 percent of the world?s Internet population, equivalent to 129.5 million households overall.

Asia and the Pacific has 13 percent if the global audience with around 75 million Internet users in total.

Latin America accounts for two percent of the global Internet audience, while the rest of the world accounts for the remaining 32 percent.

Nielsen-Netratings latest data also indicates that around 70 percent of consumers who browsed online for products or services in the UK during the third quarter went on to make a purchase.

This compares with 61 percent of UK browsers who went on to buy online in the second quarter.

In Q3, the UK was well ahead of all other Internet markets in the rate at which its browsers converted to purchasers, with a nine point lead over Sweden, the country with the second-highest conversion rate.

Around 56 percent of Australian consumers who browsed online for products or services in the third quarter went on to make a purchase, as did 52 percent of Germans and 51 percent of Internet users in the Netherlands.


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