Massahysterie om iPod shuffle

13 januari 2005, 05:33

imageVlak na Steve Jobs’ MacWorld speech werd de Apple Store in San Fransisco compleet platgelopen met uitzinnige Apple fans.

“Employee Michael Lyen was handing out iPod shuffles as fast as he could pull them out of boxes. Many people were taking two and three at a time. It had the feel of someone handing out freebies on the street. Such is the lure of being one of the first to shell out $100 for a music player that is shorter than a pen.”

Carl Mangold
Video Advertising & Content Producer bij Carl Mangold

Carl Mangold produceert video advertising en -content voor online marketing, van concept tot en met oplevering. Én realiseert en optimaliseert het bereik ervan, op basis van in overleg gedefinieerde KPI's. “People around the world are now watching hours of Youtube’s incredible content every single day!” (Cristos Goodrow, Youtube) “We move towards a world where video is at the heart of all our services” (Mark Zuckerberg, 27 juli 2016) “Video is where all of media is headed right now. There is no more valuable piece of property or entity then video in the world of media at all.” (Casey Neistat, 6 sept. 2016)


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    Dat snap ik dus echt niet hoor. Wat is er nou zo bijzonder aan dit apparaatje?

    13 januari 2005 om 07:14

Marketingfacts. Elke dag vers. Mis niks!