Marketeer, pak weer de controle over je eigen contentproducties.

23 maart 2021, 11:49

Gedoe en budget besparen met een andere aanpak

Bart Reef
Productie Strateeg bij Dot Connectors

The efficient use of budgets has become increasingly more important. In addition, the demand for quality content in various media has grown considerably. My credo is: Strategise your digital and asset production and produce once, use many! I'm keen on offering you my knowledge and expertise to map your production goals and define the best suitable way of getting there. DOT CONNECTORS: We optimise and organise your digital and asset production, resulting in a production method applying to all of your touchpoints. From photography and linear video to digital platforms. We are Production Strategists, connecting the dots in digital and asset production between people, companies and projects. Not from a textbook, but from 15 years+ hands-on experience. That’s why we started in 2016. We provide Production Strategists & Production Consultants who are seasoned experts in marketing production. Besides advising you, we work side-by-side with your team in the roll-out.


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