Global Net population on the rise

6 december 2002, 07:56

The number of worldwide Internet users will surpass 665 million by the end of 2002, according to eTForecasts.

The research company estimates that 111 million new Internet users have come online since year-end 2001.

Currently, the US has over 160 million Internet users, making it the most online nation in the world. Japan follows with 64.8 million users, while China has 54.5 million.

Rounding out the top five online nations in terms of users are Germany and the UK with 30.3 million and 27.1 million users respectively.

eTForecasts predicts that China will surpass Japan in terms of Internet users during 2003. The research company also forecasts that the worldwide number of Internet users will top one billion by 2005.

However, while the US has the largest Internet population, the study indicates that the country is falling behind in terms of per capita Internet usage.

The US has fallen behind the Scandinavian countries in Internet users per capita. The US now stands at seventh in the world and unless wireless Internet usage or entertainment Internet device usage picks up, the US will continue to slip behind other nations.


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