Firefox, de cijfers

28 november 2004, 18:38

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The fire is spreading. As of today, Firefox 1.0 has about 6.5 million downloads. It took 11 days for the number to reach 5 million after the release, according to Asa Dotzler; In comparison, the Preview Release took over one month to reach that number. Interestingly, the majority of

Windows downloads… have come from IE users, indicating that browser conversion is continuing steadily. Two recently released web statistics support this trend. OneStat reports that Mozilla browsers have reached 7.35% market share. Among them, Firefox Preview Release (version 0.10, which is mistakenly reported as 0.1) and Firefox 1.0 each has 2.79% and 1.79%, respectively. Internet Explorer 6’s market share has also increased, perhaps at the cost of other IE versions. Internet Explorer now has 89% market share. French company XiTi reports similar numbers. According to the study, Internet Explorer’s market share has dropped just below 90%, while Firefox has 7.21%. In addition, a rather unscientfic study I did in October indicates that Gecko’s percentage share has increased from almost neglegible numbers in the beginning of the year to single or even double digits.

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