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17 november 2002, 11:58

If you want better results from your media mix, try allocating more of your budget online. That’s the conclusion of a groundbreaking cross-media research completed in the fall of 2001 by MSN?, the award-winning researcher Rex Briggs of Marketing Evolution in partnership with Dynamic Logic, the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and a leading consumer packaged goods company.

The research results indicate that increasing the share of online in the overall media mix, increases the effectiveness of the entire campaign. Given the current industry average of two to three percent allocated to online, we suggest that marketers consider re-evaluating their media mix and increasing the share of online.

The Cross Media Research identified powerful synergies between online and offline advertising:

By combining Television, Print, and Online, this media mix delivers the highest branding levels for:

– Unaided and aided brand awareness

– Positive brand associations

– Intent to purchase the product

The chart below illustrates the value of increasing frequency and focuses on the three key branding metrics highlighted above:


In summary, the research modeling demonstrates that higher online spending increases brand awareness and purchase intent more efficiently than higher TV or print spending.


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