Bush & Blair duet :: Endless Love

26 maart 2003, 21:17

Vanavond nog gezien bij Nova, Bush & Blair in duet.

Atmo editor Johan S?derberg came up with the idea of lip-synching famous politicians to well-known tunes while editing Sacrificio, the Che Guevara documentary by Erik Gandini and Tarik Saleh.

In that film, a lot of rumours flourishes about the last words of Che Guevara, uttered just before his execution in Bolivia in 1967. Johan S?derberg managed to lip-synch archive footage of every rumoured sentence, making all the rumours plausible while seemingly bringing Che back to life.

When “Read My Lips” later became a format within the cultural magazine Kobra (SVT), the lip-synching developed into a sort of compulsive game for Johan.

About 40 RML has so far being produced. Some of them has hit the Internet, turning RML into a cult fenomenon around the world. Nowadays, RML is commenting global politics on a weekly basis.

Mighty people around the world, including politicians, world leaders, dictators and even the pope, are processed through the “S?derberg treatment”.




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