Boobs Bad For Selling Deodorant

29 mei 2004, 07:47

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Cool Charm growth is hot

Triple factor boosts Reckitt Benkiser brand

Strong growth of +24% for the Cool Charm brand over the last year has consolidated its 14.6% share of the female/unisex deodorant market, says Reckitt Benckiser New Zealand Marketing Manager, David Anderson. In contrast, the segment grew at 5.6% and the total category at 6.6%.

Anderson believes that growth was driven by three methods. ?Firstly, strong media commitment with cutthrough advertising. Secondly, new products ? one of which, Frangipani Freeze, is now the brand?s largest selling roll-on variant ? and thirdly, consumer promotion activity.? Reckitt Benckiser also markets the Cossack brand.


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