BBC to look at how consumers use online news services

26 januari 2005, 08:42

The BBC has commissioned research into how consumers use online news services as it looks at ways in which the BBC World Service can exploit the internet.

The research will examine consumer behaviour and their motivation for using online news sources, researching BBC sites, as well as a number of other news destinations. Marketing and advertising agency The Depot is carrying out the research. Alan Booth, controller of BBC World Service marketing, communications and audiences, said: “Our key aim is to shed light on how today’s consumers use the internet for news. We want to see what kind of news needs the medium addresses and find out more about consumers’ preferences.” Sanjay Nazerali, founding partner of The Depot, said: “There is little serious research into how people consume internet-based news. The BBC is in a strong position to use its brand effectively in an online context, and this project should provide some real insight to inform its next moves.”

Marco Derksen
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