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22 januari 2005, 09:49

When customers talk, businesses better be listening is the message in the just released book “When Customers Talk” by T. Scott Gross and BIGresearch. The book is taken from the responses of over 100,000 shoppers who participated in BIGresearch surveys.

“What you don’t know about your customers could hurt your business,” said T. Scott Gross, co-author. “Today’s competitive market presents unique challenges for businesses, and customers hold the keys for success. What motivates a customer to shop at your store or do business with you most often should be basic knowledge. For example, for Kohl’s women’s clothing shoppers, it’s price that is the #1 reason given for shopping. For JC Penney women’s clothing shoppers, it’s selection,” said Gross.

Offering small services can also be customer turn-ons or turn-offs; and the book provides actual comments from consumers such as: “I appreciate small amenities like coffee available when shopping.” “Being ignored at a hardware store because you are a woman.” “Pushing extended warranties.” “Being willing to tell you that their product might not be the best choice.” Each comment contains an insight into what pleases or displeases customers.

“Most marketers of products and services are attempting to become more customer centered in order to grow their business,” said Gary Drenik of BIGresearch. “You can’t please your customers unless you know what they want. To find out what they want you have to ask them. Our new blog is designed as a companion to our book. We will continually provide updated consumer insights and allow marketers to share their ideas and experiences in a unique learning environment driven by the comments of their most valuable asset—their customers,” said Drenik.

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