Forrester Research: 2,2 miljard internetgebruikers in 2013

22 juli 2009, 04:00

Forrester Research: 2,2 miljard internetgebruikers in 2013

Forrester Research publiceerde gisteren het rapport Forrester Forecast: Global Online Population To Hit 2.2 Billion By 2013 waarin het een voorspelling doet van het wereldwijde gebruik van internet. Forrester Research verwacht dat het wereldwijde internetgebruik de komende jaren met 45 procent zal toenemen van ruim 1,5 miljard internetgebruikers op dit moment tot 2,2 miljard in 2013.

Overige voorspellingen van Forrester Research:

  • Asia remains the biggest global Internet growth engine: 43 percent of the world’s online population will reside in Asia by 2013, with 17 percent of the global online population in China. China’s annual Internet growth rate will be 11-percent.
  • With one-quarter of the world’s online users, Europe ranks second only to Asia in terms of its online population.

    • Today, nearly half of all European Internet users are clustered in just five Western European countries: the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.
    • Within these five markets, however, Internet penetration and growth rates vary greatly, from a high of 69% in the UK in 2008, to 49% in Italy.
    • From 2008 to 2013, the online population in the UK will grow from 41.3 million (69%) to 48.7 million (81%); in Germany from 56.2 (68%) to 62.5 (76%) million; in France from 37.2 (60%) million to 45.9 million (73%).

  • Growth rates in the US, Western Europe, and the major industrialized nations in Asia Pacific such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea will slow to between 1 percent and 3 percent.

  • By 2013, there will be more people online in China than in the US. The number of people online in India will surpass the number of people online in Japan, Germany, and Brazil respectively.

  • The Middle East and Africa show some of the highest Internet growth rates in the world with countries such as Iran, Egypt, and Nigeria leading the way.

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