De 9 branding lessen van Barack Obama

20 februari 2009, 06:27

{title}Op iMediaConnection heeft Dick Bondy in de categorie ‘best practices’ een mooi verhaal geschreven over de 9 branding lessen van Barack Obama. ‘The lessons of the “rags to riches” Obama campaign continue to inspire marketers of all disciplines, even those involved in corporate rebranding and launch events.’

Bondy neemt de manier waarop de Obama-campagne is uitgerold als leidraad, en hij combineert dat met de stappen die je moet nemen als je een nieuw corporate brand wilt neerzetten als marketeer. Schitterend verhaal, duidelijke must-read. Hieronder kort de 9 lessen met een enkele quote. Het hele verhaal lees je hier: ‘9 lessons Obama taught us about brand identity.’

1. Sta ergens voor

“Obama combined a simple, rational message—Change—with an emotional and empowering call-to-action: Yes we can.”

2. Zoek en empower je fanbase

“Obama broke new ground for a political candidate by his use of the web to build a database of supporters and to engage them in a conversation, ultimately using his disciples to spread his message.”

3. Maak gebruik van video’s

“YouTube was a vital medium for Obama’s campaign and continues after inauguration. The weekly presidential address, traditionally on radio, is now a video released on YouTube and also on the White House website.”

4. Stop humor erin

“Obama’s campaign was notable for its sense of humor, in many cases forcing his opponents onto the late night talk show circuit to their comparative disadvantage.”

5. Raak en vind je doel

“Inclusive events and personal conversations were also hallmarks of the Obama campaign.”

6. Meet groen en doe groen

“Clearly the Obama campaign benefited from the support of environmentalists. Every organization is being judged by its sustainability.”

7. Wees een weldoener

“Obama raised unprecedented sums of money by convincing millions to “give a little money for the cause of change,” making people feel they were part of a movement.”

8. Defineer je waarde

“Corporations, just like political candidates, increasingly need to define their value in simple, unambiguous terms. This is the No. 1 job for every corporate rebranding.”

9. Geef geld uit als je het hebt

“The current economy, while producing fear in most marketers, provides ample opportunity to those with relevant, differentiated positions who are willing to take advantage of retreating competition.”

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