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How modern content marketing teams thrive

Discover exclusive insights into ways the relationship between the internal content team and freelance talent can be enhanced in 2022 and beyond.

9 augustus 2022, 10:40 1300 x gelezen

As we continue our journey to create content that inspires and elevates – and as a follow-up to our “State of Content Creation 2022” report – we now shift our attention to international content teams, and the managers and content creators that comprise them.

This posting was written by Joost de Kok, Head of Marketing at Contentoo.

With the war on talent creating a more competitive landscape for employees, especially in a post-COVID environment, many employers are turning to on-demand talent, as well as platforms that support on-demand work. These platforms enable them to build teams of both freelance and in-house content creators. Integrating freelance talent into in-house teams, however, poses a number of challenges for both employers and freelancers. This is the foundation for our second report of 2022.

For this report, we have again focused on content marketing in the context of European startups and scale-ups, surveying 196 managers and 165 freelancers from 31 countries across the continent.

The questions contained within our survey targeted challenges content marketing managers and freelancers face, the successes they achieve, and the ways they best lead or work within teams that consist of both freelance and in-house talent.

We have divided our findings into five categories, which we will examine in depth and reveal hard data you can use to better prepare yourself, your organization, and your teams for a future that places content centre-stage – and gives you a competitive edge for years to come.

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