Apple en het paard van Troje

1 mei 2003, 06:49

Apple debuted its online music service iTunes this week, representing a strong offensive move against the music industry. Ben Macklin explains how this service could be the first broadband killer app.

A second federal court case decided in the last few days was that of the RIAA against Internet file-sharing software makers Grokster and StreamCast Networks, providers of P2P software programs Grokster and Morpheus, respectively. The RIAA brought an action against these parties citing their software facilitates copyright infringement, similar to the Napster case. The judge in this instance ruled in favor of the file-sharing software makers stating that they are not breaking copyright laws by making their software available. The RIAA is, of course, appealing. This decision did not include, however, Sharman Networks, which offers the most popular P2P service Kazaa. This decision is likely to be made shortly.


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