Mobile’s Role in a Consumer’s Media Day

Smartphones and Tablets Enable Seamless Digital Lives

Mobiele ads zijn slechts een klein onderdeel van de totale online advertentiebestedingen. Dit rapport van het IAB laat zien dat mobiele devices wel degelijke aantrekkelijk zijn om te adverteren op mobiele apparaten: ads op smartphones en tablets hebben hoge interactieniveau's. Het onderzoek onder 552 smartphone eigenaren en 563 tabletgebruikers schetst hoe gebruikers omgaan met hun mobiele device en hoe ze reageren op advertenties. De belangrijkste resultaten:

  • Mobile audience not monolithic. When, where and on what device matters.
  • Mobile value propositions vary by device type:
    • Smartphones are mission-critical devices for “life,” with nearly 70% of smartphone users saying they “won’t leave home without it.”
    • Tablets are a media consumption hub, with nearly 70% of tablet users reporting that their tablet is an “entertainment device.”
  • Traditional media consumption affect of mobile. Two audiences are emerging – one that drives traditional media through mobile; another that detracts.
  • ‘Mobile’ does not mean ‘remote’. Nearly all smartphone and tablet users (91% and 97%, respectively) report using their device at home – the most widely used location for mobile activity.
  • Time of day makes a difference. Leisure activities at home are when consumers say most likely to use mobile and also when they are most receptive to advertising – on both devices.
  • Engagement on tablets surpasses engagement on smartphones. Across key dimensions – use/consumption, the receptivity and action related to advertising, and the activity of shopping – tablet users are more easily engaged.
  • Smartphone engagement surprising. With wider usage, clear reliance on their smartphones across high-value activities at home while reading print, watching TV and while traveling.
  • Use of Mobile OS shows few profound differences in user base. Some key differences include:
    • iOS users show more engagement with advertising
    • iOS users also show more propensity for on-device purchasing

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