Mobile Brand Builders

IAB Europe heeft 5 mobiele advertentieformaten opgesteld, die het aanbeveelt als de standaardset van mobiele advertenties.

In navolging van de pc- en tablet 'brand builder'-advertentieformaten, komt het IAB nu ook met een standaardset van mobiele advertenties. Het mobiele advertentielandschap biedt 2 uitdagingen:

  • The landscape of mobile ad formats across Europe is extremely cluttered (verified through a survey conducted by IAB Europe). This means that planning and booking mobile branding campaigns is complex and costly creating an entry hurdle especially for medium-budget campaigns.
  • There is a constant growing number of mobile devices leading to a plethora of different screen sizes and resolutions. This results in an increasing number of (device specific) aesthetically unpleasing placement of ads within web pages and apps, i.e. ads originally developed for one screen size appearing on a device with a different screen size.

De aanbeveling heeft de volgende doelen:

  • Drive brand investment into digital
  • Fuel the increase of brand advertising on mobile through Programmatic Trading 
  • Simplify the landscape of mobile ad formats across Europe
  • Reduce the processes and costs related with planning and booking national and Europe-wide brand advertising campaigns

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