Marketing Data and Consumer Privacy

What Your Customers Really Think

Marketeers hebben de beschikking over steeds meer data. In dit onderzoek wordt gekeken naar hoe marketeers met die data omgaan. Hoe zorgen zij dat de privacy van consumenten gewaarborgd is? En hoe kijken consumenten naar die persoonlijke informatie?

​De belangrijkste concludies:

  • Respondents (62%) are worried about personal info being used for marketing.
  • 74% of respondents expect consumer protection groups to monitor how brands use personal data.
  • Respondents (72%) rarely or never use “Do not Track” or “Incognito” features.
  • Of those consumers who have a smartphone, 76% of global respondents aren’t comfortable with retailers tracking instore movements through smartphone and WiFi – simply because they are not aware as to WHY they are
  • being tracked.
  • Respondents (55%) don’t prefer when stores and brands keep track of purchases to help give promos that match preferences.
  • Respondents (65%) rarely or never read a website’s privacy policy before making a purchase.
  • Respondents (58%) don’t use a specific card or bank account that is only for online purchases.
  • Respondents (79%) are more likely to provide personal information to a trusted brand.
  • Respondents (57%) don’t choose to do business with brands/companies that use personal info to make experience better.
  • Respondents (49%) would give up personal info to a brand for loyalty programs.
  • Respondents (41%) would give up personal information for free products and services.
  • Of those who use social media, respondents (55%) don’t share more information about themselves on social media than share with brands or stores.

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