Creating clarity with Big Data

Digitale data luidde 40 jaar geleden het begin van het informatietijdperk in. Met de opkomst van web 2.0 is de creatie van data in een nog grotere stroomversnelling gekomen. In dit eerste rapport over Big Data gaat VINT in op wat Big Data nu eigenlijk is, waar bestaat het uit en welke verschillende soorten zijn er?

Data, data and more data!
Approximately forty years after the beginning of the information era, all eyes are now on its basis: digital data. This may not seem very exciting, but the influx of various data types, plus the speed with which the trend will continue, probably into infinity, is certainly striking. Data, data and more data: we are at the centre of an expanding data universe, full of undiscovered connections. This is not abstract and general, but rather specific and concrete, as each new insight may be the entrance to a gold mine.

In our initial research report on Big Data, the first of four, we give answers to questions concerning what exactly Big Data is, where it differs from existing data classification, how the transformative potential of Big Data can be estimated, and what the current situation is with regard to adoption and planning.

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