Sander van der Starre

CEO InterAtlas Logistic B.V.

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Sander van der Starre is co-owner of InterAtlas Logistic B.V., a company which focuses on providing logistical support within the greenhouse industry. He is an entrepreneur with many years of experience under his belt in managing logistics, marketing and distribution.

Sander van der Starre has worked in the chemical industry, among others. He started his career in 1993 when he founded Demasa Trading B.V., focussed on downstream products. Together with his twin brother Manfred van der Starre, Sander was responsible for Demasa Trading from 1993 until 2019.

In order to expand their business Manfred and Sander van der Starre founded other companies as well, with which they tapped in on growth opportunities in new markets. They specialised in chemical trades, storage and logistical services, among other things. Throughout the years, the business of the Van der Starre brothers has continued to operate from the Netherlands and the brothers would visit their business relations several times a year.

During this period Sander van der Starre and his brother also founded InterAtlas Logistic B.V., which had similar business activities but focussed on the logistical side of the operation. Most of their current operations take place on other continents and the brothers give on site logistical support in the agricultural sector. One of their main activities consists of supporting Dutch companies that build greenhouses overseas. They help them with container shipment, (customs) clearing and make subsequent transport possible as well.