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1 september 2007, 03:31

Set to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors (“balls” and “paint”) the new ad is a closely guarded secret, but I was told that it is currently being shot in New York; ‘Gorgeous’ director, Frank Budgen, will be directing; and this time the theme is ‘play-doh’.

Ruth Speakman from Sony will be ‘Twittering’ throughout the filming of the advert, providing early glimpses as the shoot unfolds. Ruth’s experiences live on set can be found at:

NEW YORK – ‘Play-Doh’, Fallon’s third ‘colour like no other’ spot for Sony Bravia, will star a cast of 200 animated rabbits cavorting around the streets of New York. The spot is billed as the most ambitious piece of stop-motion animation ever undertaken. Shot over three weeks in New York, the commercial employed 40 animators and used 2.5 tonnes of modelling clay to create the effect of rabbits of varying sizes hopping through the city. Some are as large as 30 feet tall. The Gorgeous director Frank Budgen shot the ad, which was written and art directed by the Fallon creative director Juan Cabral. The commercial is the last to have been signed off by the outgoing Sony marketing director, David Patton, who joins Grey London as chief executive next month.



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