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24-03-2013 The Effect of Post Type, Category and Posting Day on User Interaction Level on Facebook
16-03-2013 Word usage mirrors community structure in the online social network Twitter
03-03-2013 Social Influence in Social Advertising
10-11-2012 The Anatomy & Dynamics of Vision Advantages
14-09-2012 Facebook zorgt voor hogere opkomst verkiezingen
24-06-2012 Identifying Influential and Susceptible Individuals in Social Networks
11-06-2012 Analysis of Twitter followers of leading international companies
04-06-2012 Bij online consumentenreviews: Tone of voice, expertise en leeftijd zijn cruciaal
30-04-2012 Big-Five Personality Prediction Based on User Behaviors at Social Network Sites
30-04-2012 Matching the Medium with the Message in Word-of-mouth Marketing
24-04-2012 Data Digest Report