Senior Online Marketeer / Growth Hacker

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Senior Online Marketeer / Growth Hacker

Ready for the adventure of your life? Time to Growth Hack the e-commerce world? As a Senior Online Marketeer / Growth Hacker, you're responsible for the amazing growth ambitions of our fast growing company. In a fast-paced environment like ours, things are moving quickly. Hundred thousands of (potential) customers are finding their way to our international web portals, and our Growth Hacking Teams are working on “getting things better” every day. A better landing, a better conversion ratio,


As Growth Hacker Marketeer, you're not "the second best marketeer".  You are that marketeer that relies on data and not on vanity metrics, but always with a customer mindset. You are analysing, testing and challenging everything what we do, based on numbers, quantitative data and customer insights, with a “test and do“ mentality and you use the insights to make proper decisions.  You drive growth through innovative experiments with very specific measurements of success like conversion rates, customer engagement, and all kinds of other KPI’s. You’re a true rule breaker.

You are working in our Team Growth, the heart of what we do. You work closely with the Chief Growth Officer and the Chief Executive Officer, that’s how important this role is. With 6 international markets and more than 30 international web portals, decisions are being made on data insights and analytics. It is because of this that this is where your heart is. You work in Growth Team 1, 2 or 3 (either in Team Conversion Optimization, Team Retention or Team New Country Launches) in a team together with UX/UI designers, Developers and Data Analysts and you work along with our Team Acquisition to grow our business on a daily basis. In this team, we combine data insights with great User Interfaces and experiences, because that brings  the real magic. 


As a Growth Hacker in a company like Helloprint, these skills would come in handy:

• You are an extremely analytical marketeer. Analytics is the blood that flows though your veins. Almost everything you do has an element of analytics either in the foreground or the background. Without analytics, you feel naked.

• You are very creative and curious. You are extremely curious about everything and you ask yourself and your environment questions, all the time. You're curious about where the market is going, what our competitors are doing and how other companies are growing and you love to discuss this all the time. 

• You are extremely obsessive about growth and you have an entrepreneurial mindset.Seriously. Do you really have what it takes to think about growth all the time? It’s fun for a week, but will it be fun for 6 months? At Helloprint, there are challenges, always. Do you have the ability to focus on a narrow goal to the exclusion of everything else for the foreseeable future and do what ever it takes to achieve your goals?

• You're up to speed, but you're really keen on testing over and over. You know that working on growth is not something that gives you answers by a simple test. It will be probably the 215th tactic that will work, not the 5th one. Belief us, we’ve been there. 

• You have a various skill set of multiple disciplines and one or two specialisms. You are as we call it "T-shaped". To put it simple: You have enough knowledge in each area to extract valuable insights without having to rely on het “specialist “in a particular area. 

• You are extremely digital-savvy. This means that working with the best systems and programs that can support you, is something that is in your blood. Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer, Excel, Hotjar, Cliktale, Qlikview, Hubspot, Hootsuite are tools you have not only heard from and read about, but most preferably are an expert in. 

• You have a Hustle Mindset. Most important for everything in our Growth Team is that they think differently. You think “out-of-the-box“, often eschewing common approaches and even best practices if you feel there’s a better way to do it. You’re a rule breaker. 

• You have a very broad interest in the latest e-commerce trends and you're able to use these trends to your advantage in your day-to-day management. You read all kind off blogs and interesting articles, from Sean Ellis to Andrew Chen and from Avinahs Kaushik to Seth Godin. You follow, Kissmetric and Startup Marketing Blog. 

• You are a team player. Growth hacking works as a team, where we need each other. Therefore, you’re an open minded dude or girl which loves to work together. Not only because that works the best, but also because it is fun.


We are a company that offers career advancement and lucrative compensation, including bonuses. Besides this, we offer lucrative other perks. This position is open to worldwide potential colleagues and in the case of relocation, we will assist you with a generous relocation package, ensuring a smooth transition to working and living in Rotterdam. We have an international environment with 16+ nationalities where people are friends and where you can build a great social life. 


Up for it? Spread your wings and apply now! Surprise us with your cover letter and CV and show us what you've got. We’re looking for the most motivated and passionate people at Helloprint. When you think that the company suits you like a freshly bought jacket, don’t wait till tomorrow. Then we drink coffee (fresh Buscaglione) next week in Rotterdam’s coolest office spot. Ready for some growth? Welcome at Helloprint.. Design Yourself.

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